Policies and procedures

The Department of Citizens holds policy and procedure documents in our National Online Database. Our policies document all responsibilities and services performed across all areas within the Department of Citizens.

Our most commonly viewed policy and procedure documents:

  • Ministerial code of conduct
  • Ministers’ handbook 
  • Employment and education policies
  • Immigration and citizenship procedures
  • Aged care policies
  • Environmental emergency procedures
  • Complaint handling policy
  • Department of Citizens manual

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Online forms

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We deliver programs and services for the public and businesses across the following sectors:

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All Department of Citizen employee forms can be found at CitizenForms.

If you can’t locate the policy document or form that you’re looking for, please contact our Policy and Procedure Department on +61 2 6333 4434.

You can access the translation service by calling 1300 000 000 for the cost of a local phone call.

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